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this is exactly how I do my cat eye in 2 minutes. it's the only way I wear my eye makeup now and I get complimented every single time I step out.

♔ Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima ♔: Guide to perfect liner - Tools and Tips

1. Apply your eyeliner as you normally would. 2. This is how my liner tends to look when I do it quickly, without touching it up. Uneven and messy. 3. Using a short angle brush, retrace over your liner with black eyeshadow. The black eyeshadow will smooth out the edges, fill in any light spots and soften everything.


Why So Many Guys Are Loving This Orange Razor

makes your eyes pop

gold for brown eyes

This has the correct link! Purple liner with peachy pink and gold eye shadow

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty 'The Loose Shimmer' Eyeshadow | Nordstrom

Pretty eye makeup.



Love this gradient of color to bring out brown eyes. Great twist to black eyeliner