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"Live simply. Dream Big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots." #PauloCoelho #Inspirational #Quotes @Candidman

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Perfection not required.

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It's a good day #quotes #truth #inspiration #happiness #health #life #lifequotes #wordsofwisdom #true

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words to always live by



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simple IS beautiful...

Simon Walker

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Remember This

A good way to live.

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Simply Dream

Laugh Lots

Love Live Laugh


Live Simply - Paulo Coelho - FREE PRINTABLE

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Some things you just can't remember enough. I realize everyday how much I have to be thankful for. And everyday I forget again, only to be reminded by some insignificant word or thought how much I have to lose.


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If you make the most of the little things, those little things will turn into something big. If something is there... Why not cast out your line and see the big you catch?

You Ve Imagined

Imagined Henry

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Life You Ve

words to live by


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How I live my life.

Being Nice To Mean People

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Life Is Short

Do Good

Be Nice

life is short

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drinks and dreams

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Well there's a mantra to live by!