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    Not everyone around you ... is for you. A jealous friend isn't really a friend. Choose your circle of friends carefully. ❤ ~ Mom

    You were the one person I thought I could always count on but you were fake so leave us all alone please

    Many narcissistic people use others...

    Miserable bitches with low self esteem who try to make strong women miserable need to just go fuck themselves!

    "are you mad." "no just thinking"....(you annoy the crap out of me and it's better I just be quiet so I don't make you feel like an idiot)

    Broken friendships are very hard to fix but sometimes we just have to believe that everything will be okay in the end.

    I'm sorry but right now, it's true

    You could try just not being an asshole!!! Novel idea

    Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day -budgeting 101 Pics Estate sale call me saw it on television a product created by a 14 yr old child true story

    Can't always be everybody else's fault.

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    true story.

    For those "extra special" clients.

    Creepy Condescending Wonka Meme | MY FACE WHEN SOMEONE WONT STOP TALKING AND THEY DONT UNDERSTAND THAT I DONT CARE | image tagged in memes,creepy condescending wonka | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

    I let you in. I fucking let you in and you chose to completely destroy me.

    How I feel about my ex. He told my kids that he "needs to come over an set me straight" on why I seem to hate him so much. All I aid that was he could keep whatever he had left of mine. I wasn't ever going to ask him for it.

    yes, i do. if i care about you or consider you my friend, i will give you the shirt off my back or lay my life down for you. if you screw me over, i WILL get you. i don't hold back. i have a tongue sharper than a sword and a bite deadlier than a serpent. choose wisely how you want me to treat you.

    Actually ALL "being nice" is pretend since it's a conscious decision and not a personality trait.


    I'd ask you to go fuck yourself, but you'd probably just delegate that to me too.

    I must be very special then!