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    Catherine of Valois

    Anne Boleyn. Probably the best known wife of King Henry VIII

    King of England funeral masks at Tower of London

    King Edward VI, king Henry VIII's longed for son.

    Mary de Bohun - Thought never Queen of England, she was Henry IV first wife, and mother of Henry V. She was the daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford, and his wife Joan Fitzalan. She died before her husband ascended the throne.

    This is the death mask of England's King Henry VII (the father of King Henry VIII), who was the first Tudor monarch and reigned from 1485 to 1509. It is said to be the finest death mask in existence. It's also unusual in that his eyes are open.

    James IV, King of Scotland, Husband of Margaret Tudor, grandfather of Mary Queen of Scots

    U.K. Richard I the Lionheart buried next to his mother Queen Alienor d'Aquitaine and his father King Henry II of England in Fontevraud Royal Abbey, France

    A 16th century miniature of Elizabeth of York. She was the daughter of a king (Edward IV), the sister of a king (Edward V), the niece of a king (Richard III), the wife of a king (Henry VII), the mother of a king (Henry VIII), and the grandmother to a king (Edward VI) and two queens (Mary I and Elizabeth I).

    English Aristocracy. He was the 1st Earl of Richmond and father of King Henry VII of England. He was the older son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois who was the former wife of King Henry V of England.

    Catherine de Valois. The mother of the Tudor dynasty. Wife of Henry V and Owen Tudor. With her second husband Owen Tudor she bore a son Edmund who married Margaret Beaufort who would then produce a new king for England King Henry VII. The first of the Tudors

    Detail from Whitehall Palace showing the Banqueting House- In 1530, King Henry VIII acquired York Palace from Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. Henry renamed it Whitehall Palace. The Palace replaced Westminster Palace as Henry's main London residence. In 1533, Henry married Anne secretly at the palace, and in 1536 married Jane Seymour. He died at the palace in January 1547. Much of the Tudor portion of the building was destroyed by fire in 1691.

    Blanche of Lancaster, Duchess of Lancaster (25 March 1345 – 12 September 1368) was the first wife of John of Gaunt (son of Edward III) and the mother of Henry IV (Bolingbroke), who took the crown from Richard II

    Isabella, wife of Richard II, sister of Catharine de Valois

    After his death, aged 58, King Henry VIII’s body, while being moved to Westminster Abbey, swelled in the heat and exploded. The lead coffin burst open and according to one witness: “all the pavement of the church was with the fat and the corrupt and putrefied blood foully imbued.”

    Children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York: Arthur, Prince of Wales. Margaret, Queen of Scotland. Henry, King of England. Mary, Queen of France.

    Catherine of Valois, was Queen consort of England from 1420–1422, as the wife of King Henry V of England, mother of Henry VI, King of England and grandmother of King Henry VII of England.

    Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England, wife of Edward III, grandmother of Richard II and Henry IV and on down the line...

    A Plantagenet prince, the rich and powerful John of Gaunt (1340 - 1399 ). His liaison with a commoner called Katherine Swynford produced four illegitimate children who were given the name Beaufort ( He married Katherine in 1396 and their children, by this time adults, were legitimised).Their son John was the Great-Great Grandfather of King Henry VIII of England.

    Margaret Beaufort Tudor, wife of Edmund Tudor and mother of King Henry VII. Grandmother of Henry VIII.

    Catherine of Lancaster (31 March 1373 – 1418) was Queen of Castile as the wife of King Henry III of Castile. Queen Catherine was the daughter of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and his second wife, Constance of Castile (the daughter and heir of King Peter of Castile, who died at the hands of his half brother Henry II). She was born in Hertford Castle, her father's chief country home, on 31 March 1373.[1] Catherine became Queen of Castile through her marriage to Henry III.