Kickstarter pre-launch video for Stackerware: A clutter-free, space saving solution, a new way to organize and store plastic containers. << looking forward to seeing more of these. Stephen, the designer, tells me these will be stiff-style like Rubbermaid, with a solid seal. Looking forward to trying them out!

Foldable Pasta Spoon - stores flat to save space

Ice cube tray redesigned, space saver

And save precious drawer space with specially folded tees. | 18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes


from recycled plastic bottle to clothespin container / plastic bottle recycle

Creative and cheap space saving ideas

A narrow pullout rack between cabinets could store knives.

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Learn how to triple your closet space with this closet organizer at

Chic space.

Allround Bowls: A 12 piece set of lovely Japanese stacking and nesting stainless steel and glass bowls, strainers, plastic lids and salad spinner.

The Nook sidetable is an apparently fairly simple and straightforward concept designed by Germany-based Lukas Franciszkiewicz

Buy plastic animals from dollar store, cut in half, spray paint, and glue magnet on bottom.

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home Good to use to optimize small space...Totally Genius Ideas!!!

An All-in-One Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign

such an uncluttered and neutral work space. #office

Refrigerator mats made from plastic placemats....great idea.....saves on cleaning the shelves, just pull out and wipe mats clean!!

How to DIY your small space to make it look HUGE

Deodorize food containers with newspaper