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Tomoe Gozen and the Onna-Bugeisha Onna bugeisha is hundred-years-old term for a specific role in Japanese society that was available to women. While onna means woman, bugeisha is still a word for “male warrior,” making the phrase something of a gender mashup, a male appellate applied to a woman. The onna bugeisha was a woman who practiced the martial arts alongside her soldier (and, in some eras, samurai) husband, riding into battle alongside men.

Kassidy DiAngelo. 16. I'm a lone wolf and i never get close to anyone, never have never will. I came here when i was born, the school has no record of anything but my name for me. I use a dagger and manipulative words for my weapon of choice. Making a deal with me is like making a deal with the devil, i always want something in return. I'm terrible academically because i have dyslexia so i hate school. I never open up to anyone because who cares about me. That's about it... Introduce?