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    eco-friendly, recycled, tiles, roof, Euroshield, rubber, sustainable design, green design, recycled materials, green building materials

    Doha Office Tower, Qatar. 2012

    lychee by jnz via Flickr

    La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science / Lyons

    Compared to the creatures of the sea, the human body is somewhat inefficient underwater. With our gangly limbs and lack of fins or tails, it takes us a bit more effort to glide through the ocean. Designer Guillaume Binard has partnered with Aqua Lung to created Oceanwings, a wetsuit with neoprene membranes stretching from the arms to legs that give the wearer a sense of flying through the briny deep. Similar to the skydiving wingsuits, the smooth and slow flight experience



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    Biomimicry: Nature-inspired-design.

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