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I'd love to have a tattoo like this! Classic animated blue birds & gorgeous pink roses

If I ever got up the courage to do another foot tattoo, this would be a great contender!

I like the root wrapped around the heal on this botanical tattoo, but not sure how I feel about the rest - maybe in color but this has a hairy leg effect

henna - I think Henna style would make a great real tattoo maybe with amd elephant

Love this tattoo - maybe something like this with 1 flower for each of my children with 2 identical flowers in the centre of the design for our twin angel boys

Tattoo: very similar to mine! Only mine has flowers and goes across the top of the foot.

I'm SOOOO getting this tat!♡ It will continue up around my ankle with my boy's name and lily n there favorite color between each. This is my way of keeping my boy's all around me!!!

one foot for each kid you have. I want their names in the arch and their actual foot prints

Nice... I don't want permanent ankle/foot tattoos but I would love to try this in henna...

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