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No knead bread..

Homemade bread in the crockpot -- bakes in an hour, saves from heating up kitchen and you don't have to let it rise! From the authors of _Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes_

The Amazing Amish Cinnamon Bread ~ No kneading, you just mix it up and bake it! It was so moist but I especially liked the crunchy topping. I came downstairs this morning to find my youngest with an entire loaf infront of him:) I will definitely be making this again.... ,,

Instant Gratification- the Indian flatbread, Naan! | Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

No-Knead Skillet Bread

Rosemary Artisan Bread

No-Knead Crusty Artisan Bread – My most reader-loved recipe! This crusty, fluffy artisan bread needs only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes. | thecomfortofcooking.com

pinner said, "One gallon of milk will yield about 1 pound of cheese. Homemade Mozzarella Cheese is one of the easiest cheeses to make, it only takes 30 minutes and the taste can't be beat!" I really can't wait to try this!

Mexican Bubble Bread...with cheese and green chilies is delicious! 2 12 oz cans of refrigerated Biscuits tubes - cut in quarters 1 1/2 cup of Mexican Cheese 1 1/2 cup of Mozzarella Cheese 1 stick of butter melted 1 4.5 oz can of chopped Green Chilies 1 1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley chopped cilantro - optional jar of jalapenos - optional

Pretzels Dogs using Alton Brown's ultra chewy pretzel recipe - you can refrigerate pretzel dogs and when ready to eat, just pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes and they’ll taste just like fresh!

4 ingredients- no knead dutch oven bread

Armenian Easter Bread Rounds (Choereg) - this beautiful brioche-like bread is so tender, slightly sweet and delicious. From Taste Love & Nourish

Herbed Naan (from 5 Minute Dough!)

English Muffin Bread...GREAT TASTE and love the crunch!!!

soft pretzels

My Grandmother's Portuguese Sweet Bread

Normal Recipe: 10 Easy Bread Recipe

No rise rolls, made these tonight and they were so fast and delicious!

I came up with this little cheese bread recipe and thought it tasted pretty close to Pizza Hut's cheese bread. It's really really good and makes plenty for any family dinner or party! Super easy and very quick, very worth the effort. If possible, I try to find whole milk mozzerella instead of the part skim because it burns faster and doesn't melt as nice. The dough also makes great pan pizza dough if you like thick crust!

Jalapeno Cheddar Bread - this stuff is ridiculously good. Takes about 10 minutes to put together and most of that is chopping up the peppers.

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes.....if you havent made this you are missing out. I always have a container of the dough in my fridge.