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    My whole damn sky


    I think people will be wiser if they listen to what the thoughts in their heads say and act on them. If you are thinking of something. say it

    You die twice.

    Even when that thing is broken or all but lost, we need to let go and find something new that will be just as amazing.

    Make sure it’s what you want - Broken Heart Quotes. ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT HE WANTS. ITS ABOUT YOU BEING HAPPY. YOU.

    I am so lucky to have my beautiful man in my life. To guide me and support me and always catch me when I'm falling. He has given a light to my life that's helped me escape the darkness. The memories I have with him I will cherish for an eternity.

    Even the sky cries sometimes. Grown men cry. It's ok to cry it doesn't make you less of a man

    Inspirational quote broken heart quotes Heart Ache Sadness Depression Breakup

    When skies are gray...

    :) ♥

    You know where I can get this thing fixed? #broken #heart #quote

    Inspirational quote broken heart quotes Heart Ache Sadness Depression Breakup

    you to me.

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    What was it like to lose him? It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me... said all at once. -Life, Love & Broken Heart Quotes

    Still counting the days. One day the count will end and I will no longer care how many days its been

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    "Never, ever settle. You mau think you aren't gorgeous, smart, and have too many insecurities to count, but there is going to be someone in the world who truly loves you for you. Don't ever think that you've got to put up with some boy's shit because he's the first one in a long time to show some interest. You are all beautiful in your own individual way so never lower your standards."