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  • Danielle Wilson

    Sable Island, Nova Scotia. It's a sand dune in the middle of the Atlantic, known for its seal population, shipwrecks, and the wild horses that accidentally wound up there. As soon as it costs less than $5000 to get there, I'm GOING.

  • Mel

    Sable Island Horses ~ wild horses roam the island

  • Mike's Boarding House

    Sable Island Horses (Feral Canada)

  • Jill Denovan REALTOR®

    Sable Island Horses Wild ponies, Sable Island, Nova Scotia (photo by John ...

  • D McAuslan

    Sable Island, Nova Scotia The Sable Island wild horses, named for the island they inhabit, are now the only terrestrial mammals on Sable Island aside from the few inhabitants.

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Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada Map The reason we have light houses. Look at all the wrecks!!!

Sable Island in the Atlantic off the coast of Nova Scotia has a thriving population of wild horses. The Sable Island horses are among the few wild horse populations that are entirely unmanaged: they are not subject to any kind of human interference. The Sable Island horses have had legal protection under the Sable Island Regulations of the Canada Shipping Act since 1961.

Seal Island Lighthouse - Nova Scotia, Canada

Cape Split, Nova Scotia- a most memorable view at the end of our hike! (and no safety fencing) one of the best hikes ever.

Nova Scotia where I get to eat lobster 3 times a day. How can that be bad? Plus, it's BEE-U-TIFUL.

Maybe not the Eastern Shore, but a great Nova Scotia pic by Tasha Kraan.

:-) been there. Stayed on a lake the sunset just like that. Definitely on my top ten list Nova Scotia Sunset

Nova Scotia Tartan-They greet the cruise ships as they come into the harbor.

i remember standing near a river with my dad (& more family) in nova scotia, listening to bag pipes. i remember looking down & seeing water running over rocks...

Wild Horses of Sable Island (h-31) To see more of Roberto's work visit or visit the gallery located at 13 Crosby St. NY