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    • Joan Foster

      Helen Harrison was the only Canadian recruited for the British Air Transport Auxiliary. She traveled to England in the third group arriving in April of 1942. She served with the ATA until March 1944.

    • Erika Downie

      Helen Harrison-Bristol (1909 - 1995) was a pioneering Canadian female civil aviation instructor and the first Canadian Air Transport Auxiliary ferry pilot during Second World

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    Jean Augustine - Canada: first black woman elected to Parliament.

    Botanist Carrie M. Derick (1862-1941) was the first female university professor in Canada, and became a full professor at McGill University in 1912. This photograph may have been taken by journalist Watson Davis at the British Association of Science meeting, Toronto, Canada, August 1924 Cite As: Acc. 90-105 - Science Service, Records, 1920s-1970s, Smithsonian Institution Archives

    Rose Fortune (March 13, 1774 – February 20, 1864) was a Canadian woman who came to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia with the Black Loyalists where she became a successful businesswoman and the first female police officer in Canada. Rose Fortune was born into slavery in the British colony of Virginia. Her family escaped slavery during the American Revolution and settled in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia... .

    The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, 19th Prime Minister of Canada (1993) | #cdnpoli

    Clara Brett Martin, first woman to graduate from the University of Toronto Law School in 1899.

    Beverley McLachlin, PC (born 7 September 1943) is the 17th and current Chief Justice of Canada, the first woman to hold this position. She also serves as a Deputy of the Governor General of Canada.

    Captain Goddard “Canada’s first female Canadian combat soldier to be killed in combat.” It’s a tragic way to be remembered, albeit true. She is the first Canadian woman to be killed in action since the Second World War, and the first female combat soldier killed on the front lines.

    Manitoba History: Review, Shirley Render, No Place for a Lady: The Story of Canadian Women Pilots, 1928-1992

    Hazel McCallion has won 12 consecutive municipal elections to remain the Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, (Canada’s sixth largest city), for the past 33 years, outlasting a total of eight Canadian Prime Ministers. That in itself is amazing. Even more so is the fact that Hazel just celebrated her 91st birthday as I update this in 2012, and is still going strong. She won her last mayoral election in 2010 with a solid majority and has won other terms without having to an election campaign

    Dr. Elizabeth Secord (1842-1910) in 1883 she became the 1st qualified and registered doctor in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. famouscanadianwom...

    Cairine Reay Wilson (1885-1962) in 1930 she was the 1st woman appointed to the Canadian Senate. famouscanadianwom...

    Margaret Ellen Douglass (1878-1950) earl woman medical doctor and women's rights activist. famouscanadianowo...

    Jean Lumb (1919-2002) 1st Chinese Canadian woman to receive Order of Canada (1976) famouscanadianwom...

    Julia Anna Archibald Holmes (February 15, 1838 – January 19, 1887) was a Canadian-American suffragist, abolitionist, mountaineer and journalist. She was the first woman to climb Pikes Peak.

    Gweneth Lloyd (1901-1993) choreographer and co-founder of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

    RIP - Shulamith Firestone (born January 7, 1945), is a Jewish, Canadian-born feminist. She was a central figure in the early development of radical feminism. In 1970, she authored The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. Firestone argued that gender inequality originated in societal structures imposed upon women through their biology; the physical, social and psychological disadvantages imposed by pregnancy, childbirth, and subsequent child-rearing.

    A very hardworking LumberJill uses a pike pole to move logs while working in the Queen Charlotte Islands (B.C.) in the spring of 1943.

    Flo Whyard (917-2012) journalist and editor of the Whitehorse, Yukon newspaper served as a Member of Legislative Assembly 1974-78 and Mayor ow Whitehorse 1981-1983. famouscanadianwom...

    UBC microbiologist Rosie Redfield is named one of Nature Magazine's top 10 people who mattered in 2011

    Canadian biochemist and organic chemist Maud Leonora Menten conducted work on enzyme kinetics with German-born biochemist Leonor Michaelis, leading to the Michaelis-Menten hypothesis, which explains the mechanism and velocity of reversible reactions between enzymes and their substrates.

    Mary Louise Northway (1909-1987) pioneer woman psychologist, Businesswoman and philanthropist. http?

    Amice Mary Calverley strikes a pose....It's undated but appears to be taken at the Seti I temple at Abydos. She was a plane-flying, war-filming, desert-living Egyptologist, who created stunning drawings of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Her drawings, financed by John Rockefeller Jr., were published in four oversized colour volumes. Her drawings were so good that her editors could find hieroglyphic errors made by the ancient Egyptians, but scarcely one made by her.

    Laura Secord - Heroine of the War of 1812. 30% off until April 1st with promo code 30LONGWEEKEND. After dragging her injured husband off the battlefield during the War of 1812, Laura Secord (17751868) was forced to house American soldiers for financial support while she nursed him back to… read more at Kobo #ebooks

    Thérèse Casgrain, born in 1896 in Montreal, Quebec. She is remembered for her campaign for women’s right to vote (suffrage) in the province of Québec before WW II.

    Dr. Lucille Teasdale-corti (1929-1996) ist woman in Quebec to receive degree in surgery. Moved to Uganda where she and her husband established an international quality hospital. Order of Canada in 1981 is one of many honors. Canada Post issued stamp in her honor 2000. famouscanadianwom...