Julie is fr. Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School in Tucson, AZ. “We currently have 5 keyhole beds & 4 long beds for vegetable gardens. We would like to dig more sunken beds, mix them w/ quality compost, plant & harvest during class time, after school & on our monthly community work days. We would also like to start providing a weekly farmer's market for our school community with our gardens' harvest throughout the school year." #diggingdeeper

Reginald F. Chavez Elementary in Albuquerque, NM offers 100% free lunch. The students do not get the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables on a regular basis. Loretta would like to start growing vegetables and tea. “We would like to start composting for the neighborhood community. We will have a seminar about gardening & students will have the opportunity to attend a workshop comparing and contrasting raw, natural and processed foods.” #gettingstarted

Michelle is a parent from Denham Springs Elementary School in Denham Springs, LA. “The garden really needs some TLC. It is full of potential and can be beautiful! The children will be able to learn at an early age that our food doesn't have to come only from the grocery store aisles. They can learn hands on, that we can grow our own fruits and vegetables right in our own back yards! The garden will teach our children how plant, tend, harvest & enjoy the fruits of their labor." #diggingdeep...

Mandy is a parent at Swigert International School in Denver, CO. She tell us, "We have parent led enrichment classes every Friday afternoon, and one of the classes is an organic gardening class. Its a tough class to teach without an actual garden (right now we are gardening in milk jugs, cans, and yogurt cups). But the kids will use organic practices to grow food. The kids will be encouraged to take seeds and start gardens at home, as well." #gettingstarted

Holly is parent at Two Rivers Community School in Deep Gap, NC. She tells us, "We have already had students who claim to hate vegetables say they can't wait to eat the carrots they planted." Fantastic job, and keep #diggingdeeper !

Heather is a parent fr University Elementary School in Bloomington, IL. "The cafeteria staff has agreed to make use of anything grown in the garden. We have the chance to get real, fresh food in the mouths of more children across the school. The availability of delicious, fresh herbs and vegetables grown by fellow students will encourage children to broaden their eating. Once children analyze the differences in the fresh produce, it will steer them toward fresh options.” #diggingdeeper

Adrienne is the director at Ridgegate Elementary in Houston, TX. “Our plans are to enlarge the space that we have and plant more vegetables that the children can grow and eat. We would really like to grow pumpkins for Halloween & corn for Thanksgiving. The garden will be used to teach the children how nurturing & taking care of something will help better themselves and help our low income community. #diggingdeeper

Darcy is a parent at Waterloo Elementary in Waterloo, WI. "We would like to start a tower garden in our elementary school's atrium since this is the only available area to use. A vertical garden is space efficient and will allow the children to learn in our limited space. The kids will learn about fresh vegetables, growing them, and then eating them." #gettingstarted

Sylvia says, "We hope to have our garden look more like this one with more vegetables then weeds and mulched around the periphery to keep weeds and grass from migrating into the growing area." She's a mom at Evansdale Elementary School in Atlanta, GA #diggingdeeper

The tomatoes are coming nicely at Ridgeway Early Learning Center in Memphis, TN. Teacher Teleka tells us, "By providing the opportunity for students and parents to cultivate a vegetable garden, we hope to motivate students and parents to plant gardens at their homes." #diggingdeeper

Andrew is a teacher at Light & Life Christian School in Escondido, CA. "Our garden program will allow students to learn about and try new vegetables and fruits, and integrate them into their daily diet. If there is a surplus of any particular fruit or vegetable, we will partner with a local nonprofit, Interfaith Community Services, by donating the surplus to their food pantries, helping our students learn philanthropy and wise stewardship." #gettingstarted

After School Gardeners washing harvest for a salad snack!

Grinding wheat harvested from our garden on a community work day.

We are hoping to have a farmer's market with native watermelons in early Fall.

Fifth graders measuring and planting wheat in one of our long beds.

The Davis garden hopes to start a farmer's market at the school selling items you see in the picture.

Summer in our garden includes lots of sunflowers shading the tomato plants!

Students enjoying greens and a salad dressing made with herbs from the garden!