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    • Chelsea Land

      Haha, so true! Girls: "I like to hang out with guys cause there is less drama." Me: "I like to hang out by myself cause there is NO drama & I don't have to wear pants"

    • Ashley Tibbetts

      no pants no problem. seriously, I almost never wear pants at home. I hate pants. this is a pants free zone. please wear your undies though.

    • Hay A

      My life. It's true. However I don't always wear pants around my friends haha

    • B.K.

      Ecard ecards e-card joke meme funny

    • Nae Blakely

      Funny stuff!

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    i hate it when that happens

    My least favorite Lancaster Countyism...

    Haha don't make me dance

    Couldn't be more accurate

    Louis! Ha! ❤️❤️

    very true


    ha exactly


    Hahahahaha my life!!!


    Ahahahaha!!!! Sometimes its because im shy...but mostly dont like you

    You're welcome ;)

    ahaha yep!

    Security.. Security..

    basically. Story of my life

    If I could count the times I heard this growing up...

    I hate it when my fat makes me look fat. Seriously, I'm done with myself! 26 pounds over my weight limit is enough! Time to get serious and eat right.