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LOL funny true i can relate so true teen quotes relatable alarm so relatable<<My name is Amigo Montoya, you kill my father, PREPARE TO DIE!

Absolute best time... oi.

Technology of Texting, Messaging, Spell Check: "I do my best proofreading - after I hit Send." [I hate when that happens - yet it does, so often!

oh yes

All the time. pretty much daily Do you ever just wake up an go "NOPE" .and roll over and go back to sleep? I do, almost every morning.

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"I’m going to bed.” really means “I’m going to lie in bed and look at my phone.

Right? ;)

I actually like being up early. I just don't like getting up early. The struggle is real.

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There are no silly dreams but I wonder if the pool noodle inventor dreamed of becoming a millionaire, an inventor or just loved the idea of a floating piece of foam you could use in the pool.

It's not fair. Everyone who got married before Pinterest should get another shot at it. For free. | Wedding Ecard | someecards.com

just not fair. i want to renew my vows just so i can have another wedding, lol.

This is what happens when you live alone. Or live with someone that watches shows u don't like lol

But instead of the Internet, I turn it on for background noise while I am home alone

This is why I don't even bother. Once a NightOwl, always a NightOwl !

Totally me and it doesn't matter if I change my sleep time and do it for weeks to months.I'll always be a night owl. I need a night owl job lol.

Once I told myself that if I was going to be a crazy Pinterester (can't help myself) I would have to GET up early and only Pinterest in the wee hours of the morning.... HA!

I'm not sure if my body can handle much more of this getting out of bed nonsense.