Ana de Mendoza (Doña Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda, Princess of Eboli, Duchess of Pastrana). Spanish aristocrat, 1540-1592. Considered one of the more accomplished women of her time by her peers. Also regarded as one of the most beautiful ladies in Spain, despite having lost an eye in a mock duel with a page when she was young. Married at 12 years old to Rui Gomes da Silva, 1st Prince of Éboli and minister to the King.

Doña Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda _ Princess of Eboli and Duchess of Pastrana

Queen Anne of Cleves ANNE OF CLEVES (1515-1557), Queen of England, fourth wife of Henry VIII, King of England, daughter of John, Duke of Cleves, and Mary, was born on the 22nd of September 1515.

Isabel de Borbon y Borbon (1851-1931)

Alonso Sánchez Coello, The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, 1579

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, one of Latin America's greatest poets , rejected multiple proposals and became a nun in 1667 so she could devote her life to study.

The niece of the great Mongol leader, Kubla Khan, Princess Khutulun was described by Marco Polo as the greatest warrior in Khan’s army. She told her uncle she would marry any man who could wrestle her and win. If they lost they had to give her 100 horses. She died unmarried with 10,000 horses.

Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (1566–1633), Archduchess of Austria, by Frans Pourbus the Younger. Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain ruled the Spanish Netherlands in the Low Countries, and the north of modern France, together with her husband Albert, whom she married at the age 33. Isabella Clara Eugenia governed until the year 1643.

Anne of Austria, Queen of Spain (1549-80), Wife of Philip II of Spain (1527-98), by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (Spanish painter, 1553-1608)

Read about the life of accomplished Isabella de' Medici (1542-1576), and the horrific murders of the Medici princesses that shocked 16th century Europe: IMAGE: Isabella de’ Medici, Allori, c1555. Photo: Pitti Palace, Florence.

Don Miguel de Castro, Emissary of Congo (c. 1643-50, painted by Albert Eckhout). In 1643 or 44, de Castro arrived in the Netherlands as an emissary of the ruler of Sonho, a province of Congo, via Brazil. One objective of the journey was to find a resolution to an internal conflict in Congo. He is shown dressed in high Portuguese fashion, and portraits were also painted of two of his servants/ companions.

1911 Princess Maud, Duchess of Fife, and Princess Alexandra detint

the beheading of St. John the Baptist - 1400s Spanish I am wondering if the lines on teh underskirt might be stuffed to create a hooplike think @Marion McNealy

Elizabeth I as a young girl.

Detail of the Wings of an Altarpiece, by Master of the Joseph Legend, c. 1505. Oak, , Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. "... Joan of Castile, also known as Joan the Mad, wears, above her brocade dress, a wide royal mantle on which the Burgundian, Austrian and Spanish coats of arms are recognizable."

Princess Elizabeth of Austria - 1846 - Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Jennie Jerome Churchill - c. 1870 ~ Winston Churchill's mother, another mistress of Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales (the royal roving eye has passed down from generation to generation).

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd (1097 – 1136), warrior princess of Wales who fought off the Norman invasion and is often compared to England's Boudicca. MORE:

Princess Sibylle von Cleves as a bride wears a tight-waisted dress with slashed and puffed sleeves over a high-necked chemise with a wide band at the neck. Her loose hair and the jeweled wreath of orange blossoms indicate that this is a bridal painting, 1526.[Early Mannerist Renaissance]

Marjorie Bruce (1296 - 1316)Flickr - Photo Sharing! daughter of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland. Ancestor

Isabelle of Valois (1389-1409) Queen consort to: Richard II of England (1367-1400, ruled 1377-1399, deposed), son of Edward, the Black Prince Married: October 31, 1396, widowed 1400 at age ten. Coronation: January 8, 1397