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Jenni Hulburt's 10 must have essential oils (and how to use them!)... Love this informative little video, plus I already have lavender, melaleuca, lemon, and digestzen :)

Diy foaming hand soap. I use Young Living essential oils. They are the most pure and safe. I like Thieves and lemon for the hand soap.

Where to Apply Essential Oils

There are many ways to use essential oils - topical application is one great method. Learn where to apply essential oils topically in this post.

Separate Myths from Reality – 21 Things You Should Know About Essential Oils | Perfectly Herbs and Oils

Homemade Bug Repellent With Essential Oils

Homemade Essential Oil Bug Repellent | Summer is in full swing! The extra hours of sunlight make social gatherings that much more fun, but unfortunately some uninvited guests like to join the party, too: those pesky bugs. Most commercial bug repellents contain DEET, and it's best to avoid that. What can you do instead? Make your own bug repellent using essential oils! |

Essential Oils + Carrier Oils: What, When, and How to Use Them

If you read my recent post about essential oil brands, you'll know that Nichole asked a couple of questions including one about using carrier oils with essential oils. I'm so glad she asked this question because I think a lot of people (myself included) are confused about this when they start out with essential oils.…