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  • E. John

    more beautiful glass gem corn. why are there so many vibrant colors in a single ear of corn? You don’t usually see flowers of different colors on a single tree. Each kernel is actually a different corn plant (or the seed of one) with a unique mix of genes inherited from its parents. #garden #genetics #corn

  • Alys Brangwin

    The nearly translucent Glass Gem Corn looks more like a work of art than a vegetable. And it's clear why: The translucent rainbow kernels look more like Swarovski crystals than food. But how did these brilliant kernels come to be? The story begins decades ago with Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder in Oklahoma who started crossing different Native American corns for beauty. He chose vibrant, translucent colors and eventually ended up with Glass Gem Corn.

  • VanGo Pottery

    Glass gem corn. Beautiful! #GlassGem

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