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What Most People Think They Know About Marijuana Is Unscientific, Paranoid and Even Racist Propaganda~~tko

Don't believe the marijuana hype. This article first appeared at The Fix, with coverage on addiction and recovery, straight up.

Health Czar Shows Amazing Ignorance About Marijuana Facts

Researchers studied more than 100 marijuana and hemp samples, and the results may surprise you.

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Marijuana overdose hoax: First legal day in Colorado, weed didn't kill 37 people

Dank dank dank! Check out greencandypress.com for more!

Dank dank dank! Check out greencandypress.com for more!

A 65-year-old couple was pulled over in Tennesee for having a Marijuana Leaf (which has seven leaflets) on their bumper.  Turns out they are Ohio State fans (too bad) and the decal on their bumper is a  Buckeye leaf, which is fat and has five leaflets.

Elderly couple pulled over after their Buckeye car decal is mistaken for a marijuana leaf