This blog has A LOT of FHE ideas :) I read through several and there was just too many to pin, so I am pinning the whole section of her blog :)

Object lesson using bubbles and balloons or balls. Earthly vs. heavenly things.

an unpeeled orange floats, while an peeled orange sinks...Object lesson about "standing in holy places" and having our "armor" on will help keep us from sinking.

FHE lesson on lying.. This is AMAZING!

Parable of the Popcorn activity and handouts. One pinner said: One of the most fun fhe's we've had in a long time. I had to pin it so we could do it again:-)

D.O.T.S. "Depend On The Savior"

Object lesson: Teaches what happens when your focus is on worldly things instead of God.

Object lesson for choosing friends wisely

Push pins for no sticking when painting.

Fizzy Faith Object Lesson For Kids

FHE lesson of Uncle Wiggly Wings. I'd never heard this story before. It is such a great lesson! You have to look at this.

Resisting Peer Pressure FHE lesson by ayearoffhe.blogsp...


An Object Lesson for kids on Honesty

articles of faith!!

INKABLINKA = Seriously the best go to site for YW and visting teaching handouts and lesson helps. Another pinner says, "I'm in love with every post!"

Series of 16 #FHE lessons--one with teachings from every Latter-day Prophet #LDS #Mormon

fhe ideas

Little LDS ideas lots of cute things to use for church

A site dedicated to Scripture Marking/Study--scripture chains, so many ideas...