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F.O.B. is the best! Feet on bunk! Or, if your kids are testing you: Feet and face on bunk! You know what, BODY on bunk! NOW!

especially once newsletters come out and you find out who's coming back

Exactly why, in a few years, I will hopefully be married to the most important person in my life ♥

Around a campfire with a s'more in my hand and a breeze blowing the smoke and mosquitos away!

people always think that I don't like nature because I'm never caring but I actually enjoy the one with nature thing.

i like it when my own campers ask me this. but when others do, it makes me sad for their counselor because that means their camper loved me more, and it's the saddest thing ever when you aren't your campers' favorite.

Too and I can't leave for it now and live there forever avoiding all people except for those there and who o choose to bring.