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Itty pitties!!

My parents are fostering two 5-week old Pitbull puppies. Does that look like the face of a killer?


After a long day of playing cowboys and indians...

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#pitbull puppy cutie

Puppy-Dog: "Wait up please! Unsure if I want to go walking into THOSE backwoods!

Pretty pit bull puppy! #PitBullPictures #PitBullPics

Pretty pit bull puppy! #PitBullPictures #PitBullPics

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The pitbull pup I'm about to get looks almost exactly like this one, but there's a white stripe on his head!


This is an adorable pit bull puppy. Look at that nose, those eyes, that smile!

Pitbull <3                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This dog kinda reminds me about nevah a dog a knew but she was lighter and her eyes were greener

Story of Patrick, the incredible pitbull Click for whole story.    This story make me cry... omg.

Against all the odds: The amazing recovery of Patrick 'the miracle' Pit Bull one year after being left for dead in a trash chute

[God bless the rescuers of this poor baby] Patrick, the incredible pitbull. Absolutely amazing recovery the first picture broke my heart

Very dashing!

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