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    love Jon Stewart


    ...but seriously.

    Jon Stewart.

    Love John Stewart

    Jon always has a way of getting right to the point!

    I love you Jon Stewart.

    Nugent threatens Obama, is called a hero. The dixie chicks criticize bush, get called traitors.

    I love Jon Stewart

    lobbyists or their companies money!?!

    Ha ha! I wouldn't vote them into office, but this made me laugh so hard at the thought of this team.

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    First Bush was Hitler, not Obama is. Let's clear something up right now. All U.S. presidents are going to have some bad ideas, regardless of which political party they're in, but until they decide to kill 6,000,000+ people for having "inferior genes" let's hold off on the name calling.

    Jon Stewart.

    straight up.

    Jon Stewart

    George Carlin

    I love you, Jon Stewart.