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    Southern Writer Destroys The Confederacy And Trickle-Down Economics As Nothing More Than A 'Con-Job' On White People

    Governor Jerry Brown signed California Fair Pay Act! The law provides that women in the state should receive equal pay for doing ‘substantially similar work’ to their male counterparts

    The Oregon school shooting is evidence of ‘routine’ response to gun violence, Obama says. The data reveals an even more shocking human toll

    Elizabeth Warren’s Black Lives Matter Speech Is the Boldest Yet | Vanity Fair

    Pope Francis Searches for the American Dream in Philadelphia"There are some things we really need to take care of: the children, and grandparents. Children, whether they are young or older, they are the strength that moves us forward. We place our hope in them.Grandparents are the living memory of the family. They passed on the faith, they transmitted the faith, to us. To look after grandparents, children, is the expression of love..."

    Real Time with Bill Maher: Generation Ass (HBO)

    Let your hair fall down- Adam Ezra Group

    A Judge Cited a John Oliver Segment in a Recent Court Decision -

    Drones meet planes: U.S. pilots encounter 650 UAVs so far this year, a 173% increase over 2014 - GeekWire

    The Spokane NAACP weighed in on Airway Heights Mayor Patrick Rushing's Facebook comments Thursday

    The ignominy of it all... 75+ more questionable posts by Airway Heights Mayor Patrick Rushing

    "This Is Our Selma!" | Why You Should March on July 13th - YouTube

    alabamahistorytext_9thgrade_099_flickr | by Unclaimed Mysteries

    Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us? - News - The Stranger

    Ten Words That Define A Decade channel.nationalg...

    Legalize it! Because the drug war is actually insane, not just seemingly insane. Alcohol abuse kills 75,000 people a year. Legal prescription drugs kill 100,000 people a year. Marijuana kills zero. The statistics for violent crime and accidental death follow the same pattern.

    #WeMakeNPR: NPR Employees Tweet Glimpses Inside Radio Life While NPR Negotiates its Union Contract We have spent our lives covering the world for you. We Make NPR #Solidarity #WeMakeNPR — Nina Totenberg (@NinaTotenberg) July 1, 2015

    Bernie Sanders in Madison, Wisconsin 07-01-2015 - YouTube

    Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention

    "For far too long, white supremacy has dominated the politics of America, resulting in the creation of racist laws and cultural practices designed to subjugate non-whites," Newsome said. "And the emblem of the confederacy, the stars and bars, in all its manifestations, has long been the most recognizable banner of this political ideology ... It's a reminder how, for centuries, the oppressive status quo has bee

    Climate change activists in Rome

    The clear finding is that the U.S. is an oligarchy, no democratic country, at all. American democracy is a sham, no matter how much it’s pumped by the oligarchs who run the country (and who control the nation’s “news” media). The U.S., in other words, is basically similar to Russia or most other dubious “electoral” “democratic” countries. We weren’t formerly, but we clearly are now. Today, after this exhaustive www.counterpunch....

    Beautiful. Perfect. Thanks, Rich Johnson

    Supreme Court shuts down Scott Walker: Today's ultrasound decision is a big defeat for anti-choice warriors