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"Things you may not know about Leonardo da Vinci:

-He was a vegetarian and was said to purchase caged birds so he could release them.

-Champion procrastinator. Only 15 or so of his paintings survive, and it is know that many projects of his, including paintings, sculptures, and engineering projects, were started but never finished.

-Completely homosexual. He was even accused of sodomy in a court case, but was acquitted. 

-Was likely the model for Verrocchio’s statue of…

Paris Manuscript K (including and Paris Mauscript K consists of three pocket-sized notebooks still in their original binding. The notes relate mainly to the study of Euclid’s geometry.

Scythed Chariot,  Artist: Leonardo da Vinci,  Completion Date: c.1483,  Place of Creation: Milan, Italy,  Style: Early Renaissance,  Genre: sketch and study,  Technique: ink,  Material: paper,  Gallery: Palazzo Reale, Turin, Italy

Leonardo da Vinci - Assault chariot with scythes c. 1485 Silverpoint, pen and ink on paper, 210 x 292 mm Biblioteca Reale, Turin

Leonardo da Vinci | The Mechanics of Man

Remember when Leonardo Da Vinci invented scientific-based anatomy and wrote history's first logical anatomy guide?

Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519, Italian, The uterus of a gravid cow, c.1508.  Pen and ink over traces of black chalk.  Royal Collection Trust, Windsor.

A sketch of the Uterus of a Cow by Leonardo da Vinci. Notice the drawing of a cow inside the Uterus that is upside down.

Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches…  Rumor has it that he discovered all this by raiding graves and cutting up fresh corpses. Think it's true?

Funny pictures about Leonardo Da Vinci's Original Anatomical Sketches. Oh, and cool pics about Leonardo Da Vinci's Original Anatomical Sketches. Also, Leonardo Da Vinci's Original Anatomical Sketches photos.

History of Art: Renaissance -  Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Drawings ~ Plants ~ Vasari states that Leonardo…

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Codex Madrid I : The Madrid Codices: National Library Madrid, Fascimile Edition of Codex Madrid I (original Spanish Title : Tratado de Estatica Y Mechanica en Italiano), Library Number 8937

Da Vinci sketch of a skull dissection.

Leonardo da Vinci Inventions That You Need to See to Believe

View of a Skull III. There’s so much space in. - View of a Skull III. There’s so much space in there.