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i have been watching one direction videos....then x factor videos....for the last uhhh 4 hours! i think i have a problem.

fresh prince of bel air. this is like the best video ive seen of them

Niall being adorable.his accent gets me literally every time! Just love it and him

Niall: hides in the corner, comes over to the interview, pets liam's face, leaves, then says he loves switzerland. Love him :)

One Direction What Makes You Beautiful by GloZell. @Hailey and Ellen have you seen this??? BEST THING EVER

ok seriously guys please watch this! this is the funniest thing ever. what makes you beautiful? you make me beautiful! and you gon make me go to jail, ok?

1D cover of I'm Yours(: So funny but still soooo good(: Niall totally owned this song by the way. Just saying(:

I'm yours - One Direction (Cover) (: soo good - why havent i seen this lol

Behind the scene moments with 1D in the USA. The boys doing what they do best- being themselves. <3

Access USA Video Diary, i love this the boys always know how to make me laugh and smile and put me in a good love them sooooo much

One Direction - Forever Young ( Music Video ). Their cover of this song is so amazing.

I absolutely Love this song! The original (not sure who sings it) still beats 1 D though:)

saying hi to fans in sweden! Girls are so loud that you can't hear a single thing that they say!

saying hi to fans today in sweden! Niall is just jumping around going cray.

BOOM! What does that say about 1D?! Adele is AMAZING and 1D BEAT her!! Get at me bro! xx

Inspiring picture harry styles, liam payne, louis tomilson, niall horan, one direction. Find the picture to your taste!

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (+playlist) I love this song

: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe /// Tonight We are young So let's set the world on fire We can burn brighter than the sun

For the millionth time, I still don't comprehend their whole hair dealy. It's just so perfect, 24/7. Even when they screw it up and mess with it a lot, it still it perfect, like srsly?! <3 Louis Tomlinson, I love you so much my dead ;3 One Direction

Their hair seems to defy gravity.they must hold the secret to Disney princess hair.

Edon sings What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction on America's Got Talent. He got voted off tonight but I think he did a great cover!

Edon sings What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction on Americas Got Talent. He got voted off tonight but I think he did a great cover! I loved this one-direction

LOOK at Zayn and Louis!!  Liam looks kinda scared. Harry is just smiling and  Niall is like "Hey" Hahhahahahaha

first picture= Harry trying to keep a straight face, Zayn and Louis' faces in both;

Yeah man

liam under the lights tonight, i turned around. and you stole my heart, just one look. and i saw your face, i fell in