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  • Anneliese Shortt

    True friendship OMGoodness, this one really made me laugh!!!

  • Melinda Zacher

    Clearly it's an e card kind of night.

  • P M

    Funny stuff...

  • Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff

    Humorous for sure.

  • K H

    I'll miss you! LMAO I hope this made you crack a smile. I know I'm having trouble smiling but this made me laugh. Its more like the sarcasm between you and Josh

  • Jordann Dobbins

    Funny Friendship Ecard: You're such a good friend that if we were ever in a sinking boat and there was only one life preserver, I'd miss you and think about you often.

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You're only as cool as the friends you hang out with . . . And I'm awesome You're welcome.

Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are when we are together. No, we dont care. Karina Paje C

I'm glad we've watched the same movies so we can bring their witty quotes into everyday conversations.

Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes I don't answer your calls because I'm too tired to give you advice that your not going to take.

This reminds me of you @velma townley

What? He screwed you over again? Too bad you didn't have warning of some kind. Oh yeah maybe the past ten times he did this would have been a clue....

This just made me laugh so hard!! I need a friend like this

All I need to do is find someone to do this to and something locker like of theirs to do it in...

I knew you were my real friend after I noticed you cropped my photograph above my muffin top before sharing it on facebook.

Awww... Now that's a good friend! (Lol!) Suppose they ever checked out his concussion?