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Sriricha-Baked Salmon And Kale Wraps With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce by Lynda Baslev, NPR: Sriracha amplifies the flavors of the salmon and kale that are bundled together and served with a sriracha-infused roasted pepper sauce. Serve with rice to absorb any extra drops of the spicy sweet sauce. #Salmon #Sriracha #Kale #NPR #Lynda_Baslev

Confessions Of A Sriracha Fanatic

Curry Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Soup

Caiti`s comment:Curry Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Soup - Good! Had 3 small eggplant from our CSA that I didn't know how to use, and this soup was super easy. I peeled my eggplant before roasting to keep the soup from being muddy in color.

Easy potato skins

These potato rounds are topped with cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon bits and taste great topped with a little sour cream!

Grilled Salmon & Zucchini with Red Pepper Sauce

Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I love pasta. Always have. Always will. And I prefer pasta sauce without meat—a throwback to my vegetarian days in sunny Los Angeles. The way I see it, there are just too many delicious non-m…

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce