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Schwarze Katze Aquarell Print 8 x 10 archival Giclee von artillia

Schwarze Katze - Aquarell Druck - 8 x 10 Archivierung Giclee schwarze Wandkunst

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox...

Love the creative use of color splatter in this fox painting (Fox Art Print by KOSTART

CAT by DIMDI Original watercolor painting 8x10inch | Watercolors ...

I think this would be a cool watercolor tattoo for someone who loves cats. Or use this style with another animal. Omg I NEED this as a tattoo, but with an orange cat, because it seems all the cats I fall in love with are orange.

Leider weiß ich bisher nicht, wer der Künstler ist. Aber ich versuche es mal nach der Arbeit rauszubekommen. So, aber erstmal ein tolles Bild eines unbekannten Künstlers. Edit: Der Künstler heißt Jamie Mitchell

Foxes by Jamie Mitchell -The layering works well and the idea of having one colour and one line gives a idea of movment of the fox. I like how the fox's face has detail making it full of character

The white tooling in the fins are incredible! The transparent effect works great along the darker background! I would like to see the orange fade into the fins slower, and a little bit more of an attractive face on the fish. Overall, the transparency and tooling is super unique in this vector.

Art print, orange goldfish, with flowing white lace fins on blue stained birch wood re-linked to the page of Breanna Reagan Art on Etsy.such a beautiful fish:):)