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  • Keri Ward

    All I see is Mariokart.....

  • Kathy Eberly

    I would be claustrophobic! From November to April in Toyama Prefecture in Japan snow is so much that we have to cut through the canyon to the road. Snow depth in some places up to 20 meters. I WANT THIS MUCH!!!'

  • Quiet ✶ Thoughtz

    ✶ Aomori on Honshu Island, JAPAN gets so much snow dumped annually sometimes with 50 to 60 feet of snow in a typical year. (For some perspective, they had nearly 17 feet of snow on the ground in January, 2014.) Aomori sits on the northern part of the main island. [NOT Photo shopped] ✶

  • Tracy Howell

    Looks like glacier park some years

  • Amie Lillard

    Holy cow that's a lot of snow

  • Reilly

    In Honshu, the Japanese Alps, where there’s 56 feet of snow. This looks like Mario Kart.

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