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    resurrection pretzel - lent activity

    Lent Activities for Kids

    Lent activities for Easter.

    Some great family activities for Lent

    Lent Activity - Jelly Bean Prayer

    Lent Activities for Kids

    Lent Activities for Children

    DIY Resurrection eggs

    For Lent, instead of Giving Up Something, try Giving To Someone. #lent #easter

    Pretzels for Lent. Did you know pretzels were invented by a Catholic monk to symbolize how Catholics pray and fast during Lent. Cool activity for kids

    Lent ideas....especially love using the Jelly Bean prayer and awarding jelly beans for good deeds throughout Lent

    Great blog post of family activities for Lent

    Lent Notes...

    Give Alms- a coin for each day of Lent.

    Lent Activities for Kids

    Lent Activities

    Sand Prayer Station to use during Lent -

    Pretzels for Lent - Did you know that the pretzel is a traditional food for lent? When early Christians would pray, they would cross their arms and touch each shoulder with the opposite hand. They also fasted very strictly during lent, making their bread with only water, flour, and salt. A monk shaped this in the form of praying arms for children, and the pretzel was born!

    †~ Printable Jar Petitions for Lent ~ from ~ Great website! ~†

    Resurrection Rolls

    Prayers for Public Worship - Lent to Easter