resurrection pretzel - lent activity

Tissue Paper cross for Lent - this could be an ongoing activity where the children add a tissue paper piece for each act of generosity, thanksgiving or act of kindness they witness or participate in during the season Lent so that by Easter it is a burst of colour.


Lent activities... but I am using this puzzle pattern!

Lent prayer

Jar of jelly-beans prayer, Resurrection story cookies and other great Resurrection Day activities to teach children!

Creating a Lent Prayer Station {for kids} that takes only minutes a day. #Easter #Lent #Growing Faith in Kids

Resurrection Eggs is a simple, inexpensive activity for teaching children of all ages about the Resurrection. 12 plastic eggs each contain a symbol of the events leading up to the Resurrection of Christ, as well as a short description and a scripture reference. Happy Easter!

Lent Activities for Children

Tomb scene printable, Easter (Resurrection) Sunday craft.

Sand Prayer Station to use during Lent -

Lent or Lint? Lenten Prayer Station ideas

Fun activities based on the Resurrection eggs idea

Lent Activities for Kids

Looking for ways to introduce the season of Lent to your children? These lenten tags, with ideas for prayer, fasting and alms giving, are simple ways to love the season. This free lenten printable is a tool to help you make the Lenten season meaningful, for you and y our children.

Do you love using Resurrection Eggs with your kids? Here are some fun extension activities--extra ideas to make Resurrection Eggs even more fun and memorable.

Easter: Easter vocabulary will be a breeze with the fun crossword puzzle. The clues are on a separate page along with an optional word bank for easy differentiation. An answer key is provided for your convenience. The religious vocabulary words include: tomb salvation Passover lent lamb resurrection cross prayer miracle Ash Wednesday angel sacrifice Jesus ascend holy passion ritual Good Friday crucify tomb

Resurrection Garden. Great Easter activity for next year.

Resurrection Eggs - a great way to share the real meaning of Easter with your kids.

Lent Activities for kids

You can use Chocolate and pretzels make the crown of thrones during Lent.