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  • Teresa Fleming

    German pretzels, popular in the southern part of Germany

  • Liz Burnett

    Pretzel: " In the early days of the Church, when many Christians abstained all forms of meat and animal products, a young Italian monk prepared a special Lenten bread of water, flour and salt for his brother monks. In order to remind them that the Lenten season was a time of prayer, prior to baking the bread, he rolled the dough in strips and then formed the dough in the shape of crossed arms which resembled the then popular prayer position of folding one's arms over each other on the chest."

  • Sara Boyce

    Lenten Activity for Children: Make Soft Pretzels

  • Karen Crist

    pictures of germany - Google Search

  • Jaime Lynn

    german food - Google Search

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Pretzels for Lent - Did you know that the pretzel is a traditional food for lent? When early Christians would pray, they would cross their arms and touch each shoulder with the opposite hand. They also fasted very strictly during lent, making their bread with only water, flour, and salt. A monk shaped this in the form of praying arms for children, and the pretzel was born!

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