this makes me wanna work with wood and a drill- home improvement here I come

Imagine how much easier laundry will be with this DIY mobile laundry station!

Brilliant Cabinet Organizing Idea - if your cabinets have thin walls, attach Command Hooks to the cabinet wall and hang a basket from the hooks. This is a perfect fix to help corral the small stuff.

laundry organizer

150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - Hanging Laundry Baskets Save Time Making over your laundry room, and getting it organized, takes just a little time and very little money. If you hang laundry baskets on the wall and label them, you will be able to keep your loads sorted which will save space and time when it comes to washing clothes.

Hang baskets on wall of family room for blankets, remotes, and general clutter. Inspired by ikea. Now THIS is a great idea.

just an old dresser with the drawers removed (create LOTS of great space for craft storage)

garage laundry idea

apartment living tips

The shelf on top hiding the hanging rod looks much nicer than an exposed hanging rod. Don't like the soap and iron down low.

Dresser that can hide laundry baskets.

laundry room idea, love this and it saves so much room!

Build a laundry basket dresser with 2x4s or it could be great if you paint I bright colors and use it for the kids toys.

Laundry bin sorter wall hanger... genius!

Laundry room

Laundry room drying rack - My dad made the ladder and mounted it to the wall :)

Laundry room

Laundry Basket Dresser (with shelves)... I would put in laundry room to sort clean clothes.

Laundry room? Ballard Home Designs