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Dragonflies, stars, fairies, and the moon

May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. I'd like to edit this : May you touch dandelions and moonlight, dance with mermaids and talk to the moon"

Believe in fairy tales

Once in awhile, right in the middle of ordinary life, love give us a fairy tale. I'm still waiting for my fairy tale.


Do you believe in fairies? Or do you kill them by saying you don't believe in fairies?

I just wanna be someone she looks up to.

As a big sister myself, I love this quote! (Quick Quotes - Vellum Big Sister Quote : Sports Scrapbook Supplies at Scrappin` Sports Stuff)

I just love every word Of this ❤️

People who stereo type princesses know not of which they speak. Princesses "rule" in more ways than one.) Be a lady. Girl Nursery Art ANY COLORS - Baby Girl Toddler Rules - Girl Decor - Subway Art - Typography Playroom Bedroom Room Wall Art Print Quotes

Things my kids say Monday - Earning Our Stripes

I no my sister will always stick up for me no matter what. I no I will stick up for my sister. That's the great thing about a sister you have someone to protect you no matter what.

nature - doesn't this look like a fairy???

This dragonfly looks like a fairy in silhouette. This fairy looks like a dragonfly in silhouette.