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  • Cheryl H

    The Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States. It catches its prey—chiefly insects and arachnids— with a trapping structure on its leaves triggered by tiny hairs. When an insect or spider contacts a hair, the trap closes if a different hair is contacted within twenty seconds of the first strike. The second triggering serves as a safeguard against a waste of energy in trapping objects with no nutritional value.

  • Stephen Pryce-Lea

    You've seen them in horror movies. Huge Venus Fly Traps and other assorted carnivorous plants that attack animals and man and eat them alive. It's...

  • Alicia

    cio venusflytrap

  • Calin Price

    100 Best YouTube Videos for Science Teachers (look through later)

  • Mayboll Vargas

    Venus flytrap AN INTRIGUING LOOK AT HOW PLANTS EXPERIENCE THE WORLD.   BY FRANK GRAHAM JR. As denizens of planet earth, we keep looking for intimate companions on our journeys through space and time. Gods, aliens, or chimps dressed in tuxedos—we outfit them with traits and feelings that resemble our own. Every once in a while a book comes along that even assures us there are close emotional and spiritual relationships between plants and humans.

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YouTube's 100 Best Teacher Videos: History These videos can give your students a better insight into historical events. Learn History: This YouTube channel provides loads of videos on historical events related to crime and punishment and the American west, history, science, language arts, how-to's, etc. Thank you for your expertise and assistance and please send me any suggestions for changes I need to make. Best best, Melissa. For more information about teacher children's literature, please visit

Learn to count by 10s. I love all these videos this person has posted. Will be so much fun!