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Heres to all the real men out there. Boys play house, Men build homes. Boys shack up, men get married. Boys make babies, men raise children. A boy wont raise his own child, a man will raise someone elses. Boys invent excuses for failure, Men produce strategies for success. Boys look for someone to take care of them, men look for someone to take care of. Boys seek popularity, men demand respect and know how to give it. #Recipe #hair #food #DIY

Here's To All The Real Men Out There. Boys play house. Men build homes. Boys shack up. Men get married. Boys make babies. Men raise children. A boy won’t raise his own child. A man will raise his and someone else’s. Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies for success. Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of. Boys seek popularity. Men earn respect by knowing how to give it. Boys quit and walk away when things get hard. Men...

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I'll Eat You Up I Love You So Baby One Piece Bodysuit-Where the Wild Things Are

Love this quote.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. -CS Lewis

So So True, I have a Love for my Son like no one will ever know!

You are my whole world ❤️ my sons

must remember a messy house doesn't bother my children as much as it bothers me, playtime is what's important! messy and dirty are 2 very different things... messy is all right with me!

"before we had children we would call friends to go out and they would say 'okay but we gotta get home to the baby'. We thought omg get a life people. Then we got married and it wasn't long before we had a little one....It was then we understood the love you have for your changes everything:)

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Mom had this poem saved and showed it to me at various times in my teens. She wanted do badly to teach me these ideas, particularly to handle life with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child. At her wake, I passed out copies of this poem to all the guests. While there is great controversy over its true origin and author, I don't care. To me, it has my mom written all over it.