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Christ Resurrected

Pay attention

“Our Daily Bread”      The Daily Devotions of Greg Laurie      Posted by www.gotquestions.org   Question: “How can I experience joy in my Christian life?” Answer: Joy is something …

Without God you would have no life at all! Outside of Christ there is no reality! PLEASE CLICK & READ 10 Bible Verses About Being Nothing Without God. #bible #Jesus #God #Bibleverses #verses #quotes

Writing prompt

LOVE! I need to remind myself of this! Back to school prayer...perfect to hang near my desk as a reminder!

cute "i wish" writing activity. Take photos of children pretending to blow dandelion, then use art project of yarn and sticks for actual dandelion. so cute for preschoolers :) spring bulletin board

Wish I knew about this before...

I've been looking for this for years!! So glad I finally found it!!

Neurons in a column by Ethan Hein

The Carina Nebula around the Wolf–Rayet star WR 22

These sweet treat candy themed testing notes are great for pairing with candies to motivate your students the morning of a big test! Just print and...

ACTIVATE/USE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: What do you already know about this sport? Write your ideas in your reading journal.

Good for kids (and adults)