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Funny Friendship Ecard: Excuse me, could you shut the fuck up? This is my favorite part of the song.

Dear Dracula,  Remember that night a few years ago?  Well, you have a son, his name is Edward.    Sincerely,   Tinkerbell.

Dear Dracula,

Dear Dracula, remember that night a few years ago? His name is Edward.


I miss the days when you could just push someone into a pool without worrying about their cellphone.


Room has been completely redecorated. They'll be serving homemade cookies and fresh lemonade. Mark your personalized calendar.



GINGER IS AWESOME. I love gingers. If you're a ginger, we can almost positively be friends. And you were nice. And not a creepy stalker that saw me write this then dyed your hair red. But yeah.

Respect a girl will ya?

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