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    Maybe the mayan calendar ended cause the old scribe got arthritis!

    Time for Tanoholics Anonymous! One gallon of tanning butter, and an hour in a tanning bed- cost 45 bucks. Applying for Hershey's chocolate spokesperson position-priceless!LOL

    On the bright side these cooks probably made the show worlds dumbest criminals!-lol

    No standing should just be changed to "Is this your car?"LOL

    Another hoodie bites the dust!LOL

    If this is not an advertisement to do sharps then I don't know what is! World is going to hell in a handbasket! Divided between the sharpies and sharpnots! LOL

    Put Ryan Leaf of the world on a giant conveyor belt with a trough of oxys pinned in a stack at the other end and Oxymerica could meet the energy needs of the american people sustainably- just saying!

    Edith O'Brien the latest scum on the earth. Wipe that smug look off your face you are going down!LOL

    Evil is as Evil Does! The new face in Evil Sheik !LOL

    Well someone topped the pink slime for the day! LOL

    plunger hats

    plunger_1 my creation