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  • Ulises Block

    blue "watercolor" flowers #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

  • Loralee Talbott

    Watercolor tattoo (i don't want a tattoo, but this one is very pretty)

  • Hannah Millard

    Beautiful floral tattoo

  • Barack O

    water color tattoos, watercolor flower tattoos and blue flower tattoos. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

  • Kaycee Nikolaus

    Watercolor #tattoo patterns #tattoo design|

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Tatuagens geométricas por Peter Aurisch | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

Peter Aurisch I do not like watercolor tattoos generally, speaking but this work is gorgeous.

Peter Aurisch is a german tattoo artist. His colors seem to be put into the skin with a brush like watercouleur on paper.

I've had this image as my desktop background for ages. It's one of the most ironically beautiful illustrations I've ever seen. Flower skull. Tattoo?

Tattoo by Princesstattoo Silvia, Forli’ Italy. this is the prettiest flower tattoo i’ve ever seen. it looks like a water painting. it’s now influencing a change in the style of the daffodil i’m planning.

Peter Aurisch -- I love this "brushstroke" like tattoo work

Think what you'd like about tattoos...but i love how this fits an actual body, rather than just being a picture on skin.

Berlin-based tattooist Peter Aurisch creates these fantastic works of art directly onto the skin of his clients.

Just as tattoos today are a popular method of expressing individual creativity, the diverse works of the Post-Impressionist artists displayed individuality in technique, style, and subject matter. Each of the artists of this movement, in other words, had distinctive characteristics.

Loving the paint drip effect. #tattoo

love the watercolor quality of this work...