“Herbstschatten” - cm. 70 - 2010

Sisters by Bruno Walpoth

bruno walpoth wooden sculpture


Modern wood sculpture portrait by Bruno Walpoth - impressions

Shadows of our former self - Bruno Walpoth - wood

If It's Hip, It's Here: Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Bruno Walpoth - impressions Italian artist Bruno Walpoth creates these unbelievably lifelike sculptures of people and detailed human body with wood…

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Wood Sculpture by Bruno Walpoth - amazing.... This really is amazing i thought this was a real model who was painted. The fact that is is a sculpture is just WOW!!!

Bruno Walpoth

Bruno Walpot wooden sculpture

Bruno Walpoth

Bruno Walpoth is artist which makes incredible human sculptures from wood.

Love the expressions, Jurga

Bruno Walpoth - wood

Bruno Walpoth - wood

Li Hongbo demonstrating how his paper sculptures work.

Bronze Sculpture - Mother & Child I | Darby Creek Trading

Bruno Walpoth - Herbstschatten - cm. 70 - 2010