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Magic Wand review with bonus discussion of post-op orgasms and sex graphs. From Rebecca Kling at

Pumping: How to Grow a Dick

Southern Comfort Conference 2014 | September 3 – 7 | Atlanta GA

Gurl Shorts: Shorts for trans women with a labia built right in.

Meet Polkadot is a GREAT kids book about smashing the gender binary. A little wordy for really young kids, but the illustrations are great and parents can choose what they think their kids will get. I'd love to see these in every classroom! -EtB

7 ways to be a trans ally

The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender

41 Transgender-friendly Books for Young Kids from BitchMedia (skip My Princess Boy unless YOU are the one having issues with your boy in a dress)

Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art!!

Custom Wooden T Boxes - The Self Made Men™


Number One STP from and $59

Fine Clothing for Butch, Transmasculine and more- Tomboy Tailors

How To- Recoloring Your Packer - Toys For Trans* Men

Letter for my Brothers- Edited By Megan M. Rohrer, M.Div. & Zander Keig, M.SW.- Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Interesting blog about living stealth in a guys dorm.

"Ask Me My Pronoun" Gender Shirt Queer. $20.00, via Etsy.

AWESOME. A lingerie line designed to fit men's bodies. Site/line is cis-oriented but this might be a great resource for trans women who are looking for better-fitting frilly things. Gonna check them out next month at the lingerie show! (earlytobed)- Men's FRILL G STRING / THONG TEDDY front

Mr. Fenis STP. 100% Silicone. Fleshy colors. Rollable. Foldable. Portable. Awesome. at $25

No Gender Left Behind by Rebecca Kling $15

Early to Bed Flexi Dick. For packing and playing! $16

"Police your own gender and not someone else's!" #gsm #lgbtq #feminism

Fenis STP. Made of 100% silicone this is incredibly portable and affordable. $16

Packing briefs for trans kids. Brilliant.