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New Andes Mint Is Cherry, Cherry Bad

Andes Mints Cherry

The Butterfinger ngredients: 2 tbsp. Fat free sugar free BUTTERSCOTCH flavor Jello pudding mix 1 tbsp. Low fat peanut butter 8 oz. MILK 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 4 ICE CUBES

Strawberry Graham ngredients: 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 4 Large Strawberries 1 tbsp. Graham Cracker Crumbs 8 fl. oz. Light Vanilla Soy Milk or Almond Milk 2 tbsp. Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup 10 Ice Cubes

♥ Peppermint Mocha Frapp ....approx 150 calories!! so delish!!! *2 tbsp. *Torani sugar free peppermint syrup *1 tbsp. Instant coffee *8 fl. oz. Almond milk *2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix *1 tbsp. Ovaltine malt mix *4-5 Ice cubes

Kiwi Blast Ingredients: 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 1 Banana 1 Kiwi 4 Strawberrys 1/2 c. Pineapple 12 fl. oz. Milk 6 Ice Cubes


Cafe Con Leche Smoothie

2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix, 8 fl. oz. Milk, 2 tbsp. Instant Coffee, 1 Chocolate Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in, 4-6 Ice Cubes ♥ This smoothie can also be made with strong coffee frozen in ice cube trays. Use the frozen coffee cubes instead of ice.

French Toast ngredients: 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 1 tbsp. Fat free, sugar free French vanilla pudding mix 1/2 tsp. Imitation Maple extract 8-12 fl. oz. Skim milk (soy or alomond can be substituted) 4-5 Ice cubes 1/4 tsp. Ground cinamon (optional)

1/2 packet Starbucks single serve instant coffee, 2 scoops of Visalus shake mix, 5 ice cubes and almond milk. Blend until frosty

Samoa girl scout cookie shake Ingredients: 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 8 fl. oz. Silk Chocolate Soy Milk 1 tbsp. Crushed Graham Cracker Crumbs 1/8 tsp. Coconut Extract 2 tbsp. Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup 5-6 Ice Cubes Directions: Mix all items together and blend well.

ViSalus Body by Vi Butterfinger Shake -2 scoops of Vi Shape Mix -8 oz almond milk -1 tbsp butterscotch pudding mix -1 tbsp peanut butter -5 ice cubes - Blend

Dirt Cake 8 oz unsweetened (or vanilla) almond milk 2 scoops Vi Shake mix 1 oz fat free cream cheese 1 tbsp sugar free fat free cheesecake pudding mix 2 tbsp oreo cookie pudding mix ice to thickness desired 1 Oreo cookie (I prefer sugar free)

Nutterbutter (it tastes like a nutter butter cookie!) 2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix 1 tbsp. Oreo Cookie Pudding Mix 1 tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter 8 oz. Almond Milk 5 Ice Cubes Blend well...and enjoy! #health #healthy #weightloss #fitness

Visalus Shake recipes Valentine Red hot Cinnamon cheesecake 6 oz. ALmond milk (or favorite milk) 2 scoops Vi-Shape shake mix, 1 cup frozen strawberries 1-2 oz. fat-free cream cheese, 2 dashes ground cinnamon or cinnamon oil 2 vi scoops or whatever amount of cinnamon red hot candies! & 5 ice cubes. Blend well in blender.

Thai Coconut Chiller: 8 oz. Almond milk, 2 scoops Vi-Shape shake mix, 1 Tbsp. lemon juice, ½ tsp. coconut extract & 6 ice cubes. Blend well in blender.

TURTLE CHEESECAKE: 8 oz. Unsweetened Almond Milk, 2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake Mix, 1 tsp. sugar free caramel flavoring, 2 oz. fat-free cream cheese or 2 tablespoons of sugar free cheese cake pudding mix, 1 Chocolate Cardia Care Mix-In or 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, 3 pecans, 6-8 ice cubes. Blend well in blender.

Mock Wendy's Frosty: 80 calories, 0.5 g fat. Blend:1 CUP milk, 2 TBSP Sugar & Fat Free Chocolate Pudding Mix, 1 TSP Vanilla Extract, 1 TSP Unsweetened Cocoa, 1/2 TBSP Splenda (2-3 small packets), 2 TBL Cool-Whip Free (optional), 7 Ice Cubes

8oz Vanilla Pure Coconut Milk 2 scoops Vi Shape Shake mix 2 teaspoons coconut flakes 8 ice cubes Bend

FUZZY NAVEL: 4 oz. almond milk 4 oz. reduced calorie orange juice 2 scoops Vi-Shape shake mix 1 cup frozen peach slices ... 6 ice cubes. Blend well in blender.