Reflections, sail reflected on water, Sailboat and shadow

If I saw this Sailing boat I would half expect to see a Pirate Flag as they drew closer...

Interesting perspective

Classic Boat, Mariquita, ph. Franco Pace

I wish I could go sailing!

180’ Ketch Adele The sheer size of the Pacific is sometimes difficult to comprehend for those who have not experienced this vast ocean. The absorption of some simple facts might help - it’s larger than the Atlantic and Indian Ocean combined, larger than Europe and Asia put together and covers virtually half the globe.

.not even a ripple on the water.

Reflected Columns, Rome, Italy

Franco Pace Photography.

As one of the world's toughest offshore yacht races, the Rolex Sydney Hobart requires strength and the determination to excel. #RolexOfficial



Ranger (J class) on the nearside, the schooner 'Windrose' in the middle sailing close to the the restored Velsheda (J class) upwind at the 2004 Antigua Classic Yacht Race...

Ease, fun, joy

golden sails and dark shadows

sailboat racing

Capturing the beauty of the ocean: on the sea or below the sea.


this is gorgeous!!!