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PTSD Connect "Connect with answers and support that can help you no matter what caused your post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Join a growing community of people from all walks of life who face PTSD just like you. We share experiences and learn from one another. We find ways to understand and treat our condition and reclaim our lives. With PTSD Connect mobile, you can follow discussions on the go. Add comments to interesting posts. Find helpful tips and treatment resources..." IOS app

Sometimes we so badly want things to turn out well that our anxiety stops us from ever achieving it. Here are 9 tips to banish the panic, plus ways to deal with an anxious moment.

Apps Against Abuse | Circle 6 makes it quick and easy to reach your circle of supporters and let them know where you are and what you need; On Watch allows you to check in with friends, call 911 or campus police with two touches of a button, set countdown timers that send messages and GPS information automatically if events or activities don’t go according to plan...