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The King of Horror. I'm a huge Stephen King fan. A lot of people would not guess that about me, because I don't like gore. But if you look closely at his work you'll realize it is more about good than evil~!

It's some kind of monster that knows our fears and can take the shape of whatever we're afraid of.

Stephen King...As "unique" as he might be, I think it would be very interesting to sit with this man and learn of the place where so much creativity is found.

IT - Stephen King. Ever since I read this book I am terribly afraid of clowns to the point of passing out whenever I see one. Lol

Stephen King One of my favorite authors with his kitty "Clovis"

Stephen King, born September 21st, is a Virgo on the cusp of Libra. Libra gives the often quite conservative, rule-abiding Virgo a desire to party and stir up trouble from time to time.

Stephen King I love this dorky picture of Stephen King! He does not look at all like he writes horror stories!

Stephen King. His work inspired me to read.