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If this doesn't put things in perspective...well...

Thankful for all the things we like to complain about. "I am thankful for." --- an awesome perspective that I need to be mindful of each & every day.

Just let it go... let it go, let it go don't hold it back anymore.... sorry had to do it...

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Think this sums it up perfectly.

Why Men And Women Think Differently: This Guy Nails It - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real? {Christian Marriage Comedian & Pastor Mark Gungor} {Video is funny Men vs Women's Brain}

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Read all the way through... this kid is amazing!

That was completely worth reading, who would've thought Einstein said all of that. And I agree with him, my faith for God is immeasurable, but it is true❤️🙏

Wow I like a great number of those. Wise words | DailyFailCenter

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~ A Colorful Mind

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The four things you can’t ever recover…

You can't recover these and lose the love of your life. You can't recover these and lose the love of your life. You can't recover these and lose the love of your life.

Last week, former model  restaurateur B. Smith shared her plight as someone living with Alzheimer's Disease.  Her candidness is empowering for African Americans living with the disease,  those that care for them.  I also shared my experiences as a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer's,  I discussed the resources individuals  families fighting this disease can utilize.  #RampYourVoice!  #Disability  #Alzheimers  #BSmith  #AfricanAmericans  #AlzheimersAssociation  #Caregiving

This message was in front of a Alzheimer’s patient’s room at my dad’s rehabilitation hospital. I thought this was a very moving message and one that can relate to those directly or in directly affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

That's the truth

If a man whistles at you, do not respond. You are a lady, not a dog. - Adele I have been saying this my whole life!

20 Life Pleasures That Are Completely Underrated. Which is your favorite?

20 Life Pleasures That Are Completely Underrated. Number 9 Is Heaven.

lead, follow, or get out of the way!

I know a bossy girl! Uh, I mean someone with leadership skills! lol Bossy girls have leadership skills.

I know a lot of these but I still working on a few...

16 Lessons I Learned in my (Healthy Tipping Point) it may have taken me slightly longer to learn these lessons!