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    1st: why isn't this catnip? 2nd: who knitted those rocks & why? 3rd: who put this stupid thing around my neck!!?

    Who Said Cats And Dogs Are Enemies

    Pet Waki - so cute! want for my kitties & pup to use :)

    I just know I'll catch my cat doing this someday......trying to catch a fly for a snack!

    {big kitty & baby kitty} a Christmas story

    * * " I iz up here, but beastware of when I jump down. I bet on local alley cat fights and can'ts wait till nightfall."

    "There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love." --Author Unknown

    "Cats like doors left open in case they change their minds." --Rosemary Nisbet

    Hubie and Lucinda Darling | Flickr - Photo by *lalalaurie

    Savage the cat. The only cat with enough balls to live among twenty eight dogs without an ounce of fear. Pretty sure this cat is made up entirely of grit and steel...he is one of the best mousers known in the feline world, and his image strikes fear in the hearts of rodents across the globe.