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Show Us Your Halloween Costume!

by Entertainment
Now is the time to show off, Buzz readers. Over the past couple of weeks, we've been showcasing some of the awesome pop culture Halloween costumes you've come up with over the years, but what did you wear for this year's festivities? You've already
  • Cara Friedman

    bessssst costume!

  • Sarah Armendariz

    If people actually knew who the hell Corey Mason was!!! Awesome Halloween costume! @Brandy Loomis Hey you forgot your thingy!!!

  • Veronica Champion

    Corey Mason from Empire Records | 18 Fantastic Halloween Costume Ideas For '90s Girls. Wheres Lucas?

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I am obsessed with Lauren Conrad's Halloween costume this year. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite kids movies.

super costume. However, I would probably dress like Mary Poppins on a regular day (minus the carpet bag) if I could.

Jessica Rabbit costume - if I could magically fit in my prom dress again this could be an awesome costume!

Best Halloween Costume So Far... Kristen Orihuela-Shearer Joa Milian..... SERIOUSLY HAVE TO DO THIS NEXT YEAR! I call SJP character! =)

family halloween costumes I love the s'mores! The marshmallow is so cute!!

Did this for halloween this year. It was probably the best costume I have had. I did a home made shirt that said, "I ♥ U Bob" on the front and, "Come on down!" on the back. A lot of people didn't get it but those who did thought it was hilarious.

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