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Hey girl

hilarious that people are making ryan gosling memes pertaining to MLA style. and hilarious that i'm pinning it.

Oh, imaginary/meme Ryan Gosling... please go teacher-clothes-shopping with me. #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

Oh, imaginary/meme Ryan Gosling. please go teacher-clothes-shopping with me.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl, I love it when we go to the fabric store together and you ask me if I like it over and over.

oh ryan- have you SEEN the preview for his new movie with Steve Carrel? Oh Jesus.

Social work by Ryan Gosling hahahah YES, please be in my genogram, in a bubble next to my name.

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Ryan Gosling: Teacher's Edition If you need a good laugh, Gosling has got your back fellow teachers. A really funny website on those days you feel like you can't grade one more test and/or call one more parent.

Rock & Teach: "Hey Girl"

I love these Hey Girl teacher quotes.too funny! This one made me laugh since I get the daily "Mrs. Townsend can I get your attendance" call!

Ryan Gosling Memes Like this.

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Hey girl, I hear you have a paper to write. I believe in you. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling This is perfect!