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Best motivational quote ever.

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She was the prettiest hell I have ever been in; I didn't mind burning at all.

Coco Chanel



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"I don't believe I am superior to men, just different. I am a woman and have infinite strength in areas that are mine and mine alone. I can love a man and respect him yet not want to compete with him or prove I am as good or better." <3 amen!

So True.

Instead of saying someone is 'Single' as a marital status... I think it would be better to say 'Independently Owned and Operated'

Your eyes do take photos. It's called memories. Physical photos let you share your memories. Everything else is yours to keep for yourself, to smile and laugh whenever you want; )



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You find out who your real friends are very quickly. @Janelle Larson So glad you spoke your mind to me that day. :)